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OH MY GOD (addressing the fnf and madness communities)

Posted by nonever12345 - 1 month ago

OK, I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. Whether my voice is heard or not, I would like to state my absolute rage at this stereotyping.

You see, for quite some time, the VS Tricky Mod for Friday Night Funkin' has been out. Ever since then, more and more Madness Combat mods have been made for FNF(so much that i think the "market" for madness mods has become quite oversaturated, but that's a whole different conversation). Because of this, more and more FNF fans have been finding out about MadCom every single day. I can tell that, while the FNF fandom is having a ball, the majority of the MadCom fandom feels much different. They feel that ever since the community has been overrun with "stupid 12-year-olds" from FNF, the MadCom community has become a much worse place. They say that ever since the Tricky mod came out, there have been more Rule 34 posts and ships and other things that the majority of the MadCom fandom sees as "negative". And the people in said fandom don't take accountability for such things. They act like it had never existed until FNF came along to ruin the party. And I'm here to say, there WAS R34, and there WAS shipping and such before the FNF fans came over. And I can say, as both an FNF and MadCom fan, that it hurts both the people who have the fingers pointed at them(me and everyone else who is both an FNF and MadCom fan) AND both fandoms. There is more and more toxicity in both fandoms (mostly directed towards fnf but my point still stands) as the MadCom mods age, but you never see the MadCom community take charge for anything, nOoOoooO, it's those dingus first graders from FNF that ruin our sacred community. They ruined everything! We cannot take responsibility for our past actions, so let's blame them on an entirely different group of people instead! While I do not speak for everyone, that seems to be the consensus that a good chunk of the MadCom fandom has agreed upon, and it disappoints me to see so much of a group of people are just ok with being so irresponsible and pinning the blame on other people. It should be expected that things like R34 are to be produced more when a fandom is rapidly growing like this. The fact that people won't expect such an effect from this steady growth disappoints me even more. And the fact that EVERYTHING, ALL the R34 is blamed on US, the FNF community, is what disappoints me the most. Don't get me wrong, I love my sides of the communities, the ones that aren't so toxic, and I love FNF and MadCom just the same. But if I have to be associated with people who make actual NSFW and are looked down upon for doing such, and if I have to be associated with people who are just so pissy about it, then I'm leaving. We aren't quite at that point yet, but we're pushing it.

Whew, now that I've vented and had my voice heard, I feel a lot better. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you, whether you're a MadCom or FNF fan, whether you make R34 or not, have a good rest of your day.

PS- I've only seen, like, 2 people who have assumed that Tricky is from FNF, you can stop being mad about that, too.