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Boy, does he wish.

man, didn't see the original back when it first came out but i still really appreciate and love this! :D

but can he?

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this game causes me extreme _ _ _ _ _ .

Awesome game! The aesthetic is great and the combat is satisfying. My only problem is that dodging barely works on laptop. The game will almost never register clicking with two fingers(right click on laptops), so you can't really dodge to the right. Luckily I have a mouse I can plug in, but the people without one will continuously get stuck on stage 3.

simple lil rps game, not much to it but it's pretty enjoyable
edit regarding the update: sometimes when i try online play, no one connects and the game doesn't load, so the only way to reset it is to leave. because of the update, i've been racking up losses even though i've been unable to even start playing. it's kind of unfair and needs fixing.

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It sounds really good! I don't really review audio, so this is a first for me, but you did a great job! My only real gripe is that it sounded like it was building to something like a beat drop, but it never really got super crazy, or at least complex enough for me to go, "wow, that sounded really cool!". I do like the sort of style used, though! It was pretty cool :D

DJElectricJes responds:

Yoo thank you very much, incase you didn't know, it was a easy remix ;3

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I actually really like this design for nutty! Kind of a sucker for designs like this with little characters wearing big outfits, it just looks so nice, great job :D


WOAAAA didn't even notice this got frontpaged, but it looks awesome! I especially love the way lumpy looks here with pointed antlers, never really thought of how he'd look from an almost top down angle, but it translates well!

I exist. The Madness fans dragged me here. Posts will likely be pretty scarce, but I'll do what I can. I make pixel art since I'm best with analog(and my computer camera quality sucks) and I can't use a mouse for the life of me *cHOKES*


Being real, i think?


Somewhere on Jupiter

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